We have it on our website ... It should also be a catalyst point for those who have policy decisions on affordable housing to make to start looking at how to make our system better, look at reinvesting in affordable and subsidized housing options.

—Paul Chisholm, Housing Connections Toronto, General Manager

The USA as you WON'T see it on TV (2.5min vid)... Yesterday our brothers and sisters in the Mission, SF, USA took hold of their townhall to stop the evictions of working class people from their community. We will take back our cities ... People got the power!

—Colin Revolting via Facebook

People Power Media's insightful reporting about community struggles for justice is extremely important in light of the urgent economic crisis facing poor and working class communities as well as the shifting media landscape.

—Gordon Mar, Jobs with Justice, Executive Director
Thank you for this video essay. Excellent .. concise and complete reporting on the greed based tenant crisis in San Francisco."
—Nancy McNally

The video "Waiting for Affordable Housing" was pivotal to our convincing the Executive Committee that the stand alone homes needed to be saved. We used an edited version in our deputation to graphically show the lived experience of some families. We divided the remaining time amongst 4 deputants to drive home the message that selling was not an option. Working with Joseph and Dyan, 2 brilliant documentary filmakers,on this part of the campaign was a privilege.

—Rosie Da Silva, Tenants for Social Housing, Toronto

Great work! And timely!

—Jamie Allison, S.H. Cowell Foundation

Yes! Long form multimedia news analysis for the real world. Nice going.

—Margi Clarke, RoadMap Consulting

People Power Media's piece Tenants Displacement Story is a real portrayal of the eviction crisis going on in San Francisco tearing apart peoples lives and the tenants fighting back against it. It is great to see journalists actually doing in depth research, talking to the parties involved, spending real time following important news items and getting the story right about the issues that are important for our communities. I highly recommend this piece.

—Fred (Sarah) Sherbum-Zimmer, Housing Rights Committee, San Francisco

I had to reach out to [people. power. media] because their article so plainly describes the state of the real estate conversation in so many American cities, whether it’s my home town of Cambridge or San Francisco where I just visited for the Code for America Summit. 

Real working class and middle income people can not live in proximity to the jobs and the innovation that they see around them. And it’s imperative that we follow the solid research exemplified in the article in order to dig ourselves out of the developer-centric conversation that has landed us in this place.

—Cambridge, Massachusetts City Councillor Nadeem Mazen

Outstanding, must-see coverage of our Feb 1 coalition kickoff event from [people. power. media]!

—Plaza 16 Coalition

Best reporting I have seen by People Power Media of last week’s Rally to save Mission’s soul from market rate development! true journalism, thanks Joseph Smooke and Dyan Bandayrel Ruiz!

—Laura Guzman, Executive Director, Mission Neighborhood Resource Center

A friend who is NOT in my Filipino-activist circle forwarded the link to your story on The Real News Network, and said I had to see it. So the video is definitely circulating out there!

—Rhonda Ramiro, National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) USA

You managed to both "put the face" on the social housing waiting list as well as illustrate the sheer economic impossibility of finding a place to live on minimum wage.

—Joy Connelly, Housing Consultant and Advocate, Toronto

You’ve really brought clarity to the issue of affordable housing, made it easy to see how huge the problem is and how low income people in Toronto struggle in all areas of their lives because of the high cost of housing. Thank you for doing this!

—Marion Newrick, Community Action Resource Centre, Toronto